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Big opportunities opening up in LPG infrastructure
Mar 27: The website carries here a comprehensive presentation on the Indian LPG industry and the opportunities and challenges that it faces.
8According to estimates, the repaid increase in demand is going to flatten out to an annual 2% after 2020
8Import projections are given here right up to the year 2030-3. The acute region-wise demand-supply imbalance seen now is also expected to even out over time.
8Procurement has been primarily through term contracts with National Oil Companies but a new opportunity has opened up as term tenders are now being floated by oil marketing companies for the first time.
8There is a massive opportunity for the private sector to participate in the setting up import terminals, particularly in the west coast
8A massive expansion of bottling capacity is also expected
8This is a must-read for any business development manger involved in this sector
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