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Nana technology in the oil & gas sector: Impact
Mar 27: Various disciplines in petroleum industry are taking benefits from the development of nanotechnology. These phases include exploration, drilling, production, processing and refining. Subsurface imaging resolution has been made possible by incorporating nano sensors in exploration stage.
8Enhanced oil recovery is also making the most of nanotechnology to get more hydrocarbons out of the reservoir by modifying the molecules and by manipulating the interfacial properties.
8The website highlights here the potential application of nanotechnology in various discipline of oil and gas industry.
8Of particular interest will be the outlining of nano particles used in drilling fluids. A table provides a summary of the the type used, concentration, type of drilling fluid and the impact each of these have
8Nano particple driven drilling fluids have the capacity to become a permanent constituent of all drilling mud as they can contribute in the solution of many down hole problem such as formation damage, loss circulation, pipe sticking, formation integrity issues, high torque and drag.
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