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LNG as bunkering fuel-I: Some startling facts
Mar 27: Some startling facts are forcing the major shipping players and regulators to look at using LNG for ship bunkering.
The facts:
"A medium- to large-size container ship, running at 70% maximum power for one day using bunker fuel with 35,000 ppm (3.5%) sulphur, emits as much PM2.5 as the average of half a million new trucks in China, during that same day."
8"Ship emissions have significant human health and environmental costs. The majority (70%) of these emissions occur within 400 km of coastal communities – mainly in the coastal East Asia, South Asia, and Europe. Approximately 230 million people are exposed directly to these harmful emissions in the world’s top 100 ports."
8"Diesel PM or the soot in diesel exhaust is a carcinogen, designated by the World Health Organisation. These are tiny toxic particles consisting of roughly 40 different toxic air contaminants, 15 of which are carcinogenic. Some of these toxic chemicals can travel as far as 10,000 km via the PM in the air."
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