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Pipeline Reports
Mar 24: Fluidic drag estimation in HDD: We carry here the excerpt from a larger research paper that proposes a new method for evaluating hydrokinetic pressure and fluidic drag changes during pipe installation operations using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The method is based on applying the solution of eccentric annular flow using the finite volume method (FVM) to the HDD case.
8Site investigation based on return flow in HDD: An article explains the importance of using appropriate site-investigation (SI) methods to prepare for horizontal-directional drilling (HDD) projects, and describes one particular project where pilot bores were used to gather appropriate geological information ahead of full-scale HDD works.
8Operational pigging-controlling internal corrosion of pipelines: This paper provides a corrosion engineer’s perspective on developing corrosion-management systems for oil and gas industry assets, highlighting organisational and technical challenges and the importance of operational pigging, i.e. utilisation of cleaning and sealing pigs, and in-line inspection (ILI) tools, and how it may fit within an overall corrosion-management strategy.
8Steel pipe rehabilitation for further use after field operation or long-term storage: This paper discusses the procedure for rehabilitating large-diameter pipes in stationary in-plant conditions. The procedure was developed to rehabilitate steel pipe, after field operation or long-term storage, for further use in pipelines and other industrial and construction purposes.
8Providing effective asset management solutions: As pipeline systems begin to age, effective asset management becomes increasingly important to ensure safety and continued operation, claims this paper
8Innovation overcomes installation and ageing problems: New casing spacers serve an important role in preserving pipeline integrity, offering certain advantages over traditional casing spacers.
8Making an executive decision: Newly elected President Donald Trump wasted no time in signalling his intent for the North American pipeline industry. We carry here a review of the impact he has had on the sector since taking office on 20 January 2017.
8Simplifying the specification of the right quality of linepipe:  The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) is renowned for publishing guidance notes, codes of practice, and specifications dealing with the design, construction, maintenance, and safe operations of engineering equipment and installations. Many of these documents have gained wide acceptance and are utilised by the engineering community around the world. Find out more
8Automated mobile pipeline construction: a new approach to mobile automated spiral interlocking pipe. Read a paper on the topic
8Reliably detecting pipeline ruptures: A company has developed a new rupture-detection system which, when triggered, should result in the immediate shut down of a pipeline to prevent catastrophic damage.
8Detecting circumferential cracks: A case study reviews how the company successfully used ultrasonic technology to identify a number of circumferential cracks on a 10-km CRA-clad pipeline.
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