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2025 outlook for LPG-II: Middle East to take care of all of Indian demand
Mar 20: India does not figure in the top 10 LPG markets when ranked by demand for chemical use of LPG
8Data shows that global ethylene demand is growing mainly based on use of ethane
8But typical yields of ethylene cracker feedstocks shows that ethane has a much higher yield to ethylene than heavier feedstocks
8In North East Asia, ethylene production growth is coming mainly from naphtha and coal
8The outlook up to 2025 shows that the US will remain the world's largest LPG exporting country. A country-wise export projection is given here up to 2025
8The dramatic increase in US exports have resulted in major changes in global LPG trade flows
8The Middle East will continue to dominate imports to South East Asia
8The Middle East is ideally situated to supply to India and therefore has a monopoly
The other conclusions of the projectiosn are:
8Water borne LPG exports have become increasingly rich in propane
8Propane prices have weakened against crude oil for about a decade
8US propane prices for example have been depressed by a lack of export terminal infrastructurermal butane prices will also need to maintain a differential to other global benchmarks
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