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CNG can complete with LNG-I: Find out how
Mar 20: New technology is making CNG competitive to LNG, so much so that CNG can in fact emerge as a substitute to LNG as a way of transporting gas.
8New CNG carriage technology use carbon steel pressure vessels which allow conventional pressure vessel fabrication (no coiling or fiberglass winding and no single-sourced fabrication) to be highly efficient.What is more less containment steel reduces total ship weight and related fuel use.
CNG will have an advantage under the following conditions:
8Markets located where pipelines have economic or geopolitical constraints.
8Supply sources not large enough to justify the high capital investment required for LNG projects.
8Offtake gas directly from offshore production facilities, including in deep and ultra-deep waters.
8Replace fuel oil and diesel with natural gas in “stranded” markets.
8Offtake the associated gas from oil production fields.
8Produce and transport gas from extended oil well tests and early production systems.
8Serve as an “all-in-one” gas production host and transport system for remote fields.
CNG is often compared with LNG, as both are large volume, marine-based gas transport solutions.However, these two technologies typically target different sectors of both supply sources and energy markets. In summary, the major differences include:
8CNG projects do not require the large capital investments for massively expensive liquefaction and regasification plants. Thus, the overall supply chain project is typically an order of magnitude less expensive.
8Footprint and environmental impact is much less for CNG terminals than for LNG terminals.
8LNG often requires expensive pre-processing of the supply gas to a much higher degree than required for CNG to remove components such as mercury and CO2.
8CNG does not experience “boil off” gas emissions from ships and storage facilities.
8Transportation of CNG is typically more energy efficient than LNG.
8In summary, CNG targets small-to-medium sized regional gas delivery projects, while LNG must be geared toward large scale, long haul projects.
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