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CNG can complete with LNG-I: Companies to target Indian market
Mar 20: Armed with new CNG technology, companies are targeted India as a destination
8Strong India demand is seen as an incentive
8What has been found particularly attractive is the Indian government's recently outlined Gas4India campaign in which one of the stated goals is to increase the energy mix from 6.5% natural gas to 15%, supported by a nationwide gas grid and setting up gas infrastructure.
8India’s net imports of gas will only continue to rise as the country switches to cleaner fuels.
8Suppliers believe a delivered CNG price will be competitive against current LNG import prices for gas fired power plants.
8Suppliers are also aiming at Pakistan, while countries like Sri Lanka are just getting started on gas infrastructure
8Supply of CNG could come from places such as Indonesia where identified stranded proven gas fields remain uneconomic due to the nature of the gas markets within Indonesia and limited transport infrastructure solutions. A low capital cost CNG solution that can transport smaller volumes to multiple destinations is where the focus is as of the moment.
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