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Business development opportunities
Mar 20: POL storage: TOR expected by June, 2017
8PFR has been already done. Construction of three new product storage tanks and associated facilities for storage & handling of ethanol & bio-diesel is about Rs. 17.01 crore. RFQs are expected
A new 2G Bio Ethanol refinery is coming up:
Consultant to be hired soon
8Capacity of 2G Bio Ethanol Refinery will be 100 KLPD. The likely feedstock for 2G Ethanol Bio-refinery would be 
-- Soya husk 
-- Wheat straw
-- Corn cobs.
Expansion work in DHDS unit: RFQs will be floted by April,2017
8Expansion of 0.54 MMTPA in a DHDS unit. Phase 1 The cost of the proposed project is Rs. 367.11 crore
New product pipeline is coming up: RFQs will be floated by May, 2017
8EC is granted for the project. Total costing of the project is Rs. 640 crore
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