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Deployment of low carbon technology: A roadmap for policy makers
Mar 17: An interesting study has established that the costs of of low carbon technologies in most energy intensive sectors are considerably lower in China and India than in Europe, and often below those of conventional technologies, indicating extensive untapped energy efficiency improvements.
8Consequently, positive output effects emerge in almost all energy intensive sectors in China and India.
8The study has clear implications for energy policy design in India
8Since deploying energy efficient technologies leads to reduced carbon emissions but also increases international competitiveness and such ow-cost options are available for India, policy planners are well advised to foster their implementation.
8This would require a mix of policy instruments to mobilize capital investments by reducing investment risks, including legislation on energy activities and energy use (e.g., efficiency standards), fiscal policies (subsidies for energy efficiency improvements or carbon taxes), clear long-term low-carbon energy policy roadmaps, and strengthening investment in research and development of low-carbon technology options.
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