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Comprehensive petroleum data
Mar 17: The website carries here a host of E&P related data, including exhaustive information on:
8How the upstream sector has evolved in India
8Pre-NELP and NELP blocks under operation by NOCs and JVs
8Blocks awarded under NELP
8Current status of blocks under NELP
8Prominent features of the four E&P regimes: Nomination, Pre-NELP Exploration, Pre-NELP Discovered and NELP rounds
8Details of progressive modifications of Terms & Conditions in Different NELP Rounds
8Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy, full details and its implications
8Salient features of Made in India initiative in oil & gas sector, multi-client seismic surveys, reassessment of hydrocarbon assets, appraisal of unappraised hydrocarbon basins and the National Data Repository
8Exploratory efforts till date under Nomination & PSC regimes
8Specific details of development wells drilled
8Full details of new prospect/pool discoveries
8Basin-wise, operator-wise production of oil and gas
8Fields which have come on production recently
8Synopsis of E&P efforts made since inception
8Exploratory efforts by private E&P companies, Indian and foreign, since inception
8Basin wise discoveries under various exploratory regimes
8Details of oil and gas discoveries under Pre-NELP regime
8Details of oil and gas discoveries under NELP regime as on 31.03.2016
8Geoscientific Surveys till date by DGH, as also a spatial display map of such activity
8Gravity-magnetic surveys and other geophysical surveys
8Basin-wise prognosticated hydrocarbon resources
8In-place volume and ultimate reserves under the PSC regime
8Basin-wise, state-wise in-place volume and ultimate reserve trends under the PSC regime
8Comprehensive reserve replacement ratios in the Indian context
8Cold bed methane: A full set of data
8Latest status on CBM Blocks
8Gas hydrates, shale oil and UCG: Latest developments
8Exploration: Details of hundreds of latest technologies adopted
8Details of blocks awarded, areas relinquished and present areas
8Details of PELs operated by E&P companies
8Comprehensive information on nomination ML areas operated by OIL and ONGC
8ML areas in operations under the PSC regime
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