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Spot prices move down again: But LNG terminal operator remains bullish
Mar 08: LNG spot prices, which rose from around US$4/mmbtu in the first half of 2016 to around US$9/mmBtu in December 2016 driven by seasonal and supply issues, are now back to US$6.50/mmBtu level
8But long term LNG market fundamentals remain strong as:
– Buyers continuing to enter into long term SPAs
– Consistent with recent oil price appreciation, LNG short and long term pricing strengthening
– Oil linked pricing prevalence continues to be default in new long term contracts
8These factors are seen as positives by LNG terminal owners even though the market is likely to remain over supplied up to early 2020s.
8For a gas consuming nation such as India and for those who are involved in the supply business, it is important to see the perspective from the point of view of a terminal owner.
8The owner has been in production for some years and has made good money in 2016 despite a 33% lower realized LNG and gas prices.
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