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IP protection in the oil & gas industry: A matter not to be taken lightly
Mar 07: For both global and domestic oil and gas companies aggressive patent protection is emerging as one of the options to protect intellectual property
8Many of the big integrated companies file patents to maintain the “freedom to operate” in the domain where they operate.
8There is no single strategy that can apply for all organizations. The strategic objectives of an IOC can be different from a NOC.
8From a defensive perspective, it is preferable to protect via a patent, as opposed to trade secrets, although a trade secret has its place to retain significant “know-how.”
8The IP vehicle of choice for service companies is often patent protection rather than trade secret protection.
8Proactive disclosure by defensive publication is an excellent avenue to disclose a technology making it potentially not patentable for the competition.
8The fundamental point to always consider is the cost of patent protection vs. the value of the underlying technology being protected, and the benefits derived from a protected technology.
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