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Congressional Research Service paper on gas demand and supply in India
Mar 03: The website carries here a very knowledgeable study of the Indian gas market by none other than the Congressional Research Service of the US Congress
8It states the reasons why natural gas consumption targets are not met by India
8More importantly, it has very knowledgeable inputs on untapped Indian potential in onshore and offshore gas production
8It acknowledges the fact that the Bay of Bengal has the largest and most concentrated discovery of gas hydrates anywhere in the world.
8The forecast is that India will constitute the 3rd highest growth in natural gas vehicles through 2040, after the United States and China.
8The paper says that pro-foreign investment signals from the Modi government have led to renewed optimism for KG-D6. For example, BP and Reliance Industries have withdrawn from arbitration proceedings against the
8GoI, and intend to produce four times as much natural gas by 2022.
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