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Fuel demand drops 4.5% in January, 2017
Feb 28: India’s demand for fuel dropped by -4.5% in January this year.
8The demand for all oil products dropped to 15.52 million metric tons (MMT) from 16.24 MMT a year ago.
8Except for LPG, ATF and "Other products", which recorded a positive growth of 16.4%, 17.8% and 10.3% respectively during the current month, all other products recorded negative growth.
8On cumulative basis for the April-January period, while growth of 7.0% was registered for the period April 2016 to January 2017 for all products, a negative growth of -19.1% was registered for SKO and -1.9% was registered for Lubes/Greases.
8Drop in SKO consumption is mainly because of drop in subsidized kerosene sales due to reduced allocation to states and voluntary surrender of PDS SKO quota by some states as penetration of LPG and electricity improves in rural India.
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