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Project update
Feb 28: Find updates on the following projects:
8Onshore Oil & Gas development drilling and production in Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts by Oil India
8Resid Upgradation Project by adding Delay Coker Unit, OHCU Revamp Unit, Sulfur Recovery Unit, Sour Water Stripper, Amine Regeneration Unit and LPG-CFC Treating Unit at Manali Refinery
8Proposed Bunkering Facilities at Jawahar Dweep (Butcher Island) at Mumbai Maharashtra
8Development of 8 wells by setting up of 7 proposed surface facilities at Kheda, Gujarat
8Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) at Vastan Mine Block, Nani Naroli, Surat in Gujarat by M/s Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited
8Exploratory Drilling (24 Wells) Additional in Onshore PEL Block L–II of Cauvery Basin
8Exploration, Testing of wells and commercial exploration of Mannarguddi CBM Block, MG-CBM-2008/IV by GEECL
8Exploratory drilling of 35 wells in LI PML, Kuthalam PML, Kali & Greator Kali PML, Bhuvnagiri PML and Neyveli PML in Cauvery Basin
8Drilling of 10 exploratory wells in Nohta-Damoh-Jabera PML Block, Vindhyan Basin, Damoh District, Madhya Pradesh
8Additional onshore exploratory drilling of 20 wells in PEL block L-II District Tiruvarur, Nagapatnam, Pudukkotai,Tanjavur in Tamilnadu
8Exploratory Drilling of Additional two wells in PEL Block L-II located in District Tanjavur, Tamilnadu
8One well B-CY-EOT-1 in onshore PEL Block II in Cauvery Basin
8Drilling of Exploratory Wells (09 Nos.) in Kutch Offshore, GK-OSN-2010/1 & GK-OSN-2010/2 in West Coast
8Extension Drilling & Testing of Hydrocarbons at 7 (seven) locations under Dibru-Saikhowa National Park Area, North-West of Baghjan PML, District Tinsukia,
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