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New ammonia- urea fertilizer complex: Tender for LSTK contractor floated in March, 2017
Feb 24: The consultant for the promoters of a new urea-ammonia plant is preparing the ITB, the Bid Evaluation Criteria and the Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR) and the tender for an LSTK contractor which is expected to be out by end February or March, 2017.
8It will take a minimum 6 months to finalize the LSTK contractor.
8Projected investment cost is around Rs 6000 crore.
8The requirement of power is about 25 MW, which will be sourced from proposed 15 MW GTG and 10 MW STG. 
8An emergency DG Set and an HRSG with a capacity 2000 KVA and 130 MTPH are proposed.
Following are the requirement of raw materials
8Natural Gas - 2.2 MMSCMD
8Treated Water m3/hr 1100
8Neem Oil Kg/hr 56.15
Following are the highlights
8Prefeasibility report is completed
8Terms of reference already granted
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