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Production Data - III: Two well shutdown in D-6 block is bad news
Feb 23: Natural gas production during January, 2016 was 2738.37 MMSCM which is 10.19% lower than the target for the month but 11.89% higher when compared with January, 2016. 
8Production by ONGC during January, 2017 was 1922.15 MMSCM which is 5.80% lower than the monthly target but 25.56% higher when compared with January, 2016.
8Shortfall in production was mainly due to decline in reservoir pressure in Bassein field and less output from Daman & C-26 Cluster due to evacuation constraint as export lines to TCPP platform are not yet completed.
8Gas production by OIL during January, 2017 was 248.79 MMSCM which is 6.15% higher than the monthly target and 1.25% higher than January, 2016.
8Natural gas production by Pvt/JVs during January, 2017 was 567.43 MMSCM which is 26.71% lower than the monthly target and 15.41% lower when compared with January, 2016.
Reasons for shortfall in production are as under:

-- Underperformance of wells in KG- OSN-2001/3.
-- Underperformance of Sohagpur West CBM block as extended dewatering is hampering production in Raniganj East CBM block.
-- Closure of 2 wells in D1-D3 field in KG-DWN-98/3.
-- RJ-ON-90/1: Liquid cut back in Mangala wells for rectification of 14" MPT to CPF feed water line leak on 27-28.01.2017. NI wells shutdown for 3-phase separator line modification on 27-28.01.2017. Few high water cut wells closed at Mangala, poor reservoir performance of Bhagyam etc.
-- RJ-ON/6: Increase in water cut in few wells.
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