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LNG demand and supply: A new narrative is taking shape
Feb 21: Fresh set of data and analysis coming out globally provide a new narration on global LNG supply and demand.
8Yesterday, the website carried a full analysis on how growth in demand is absorbing new supplies.
8Another very exhaustive analysis carried here today seems to repeat the same narrative but with a lot more data
8Emission reduction is one of the primary reasons that is driving increased gas demand. And within the gas segment, LNG demand seems to be growing at a much faster pace than overall gas demand.
8The point to note is that one third of the new LNG supply growth is already online and demand seems to be holding firm to absorb the supply
8Robust spot prices seem to reflect the market's ability to absorb new supply
8The trend is towards shorter and smaller contracts with emerging buyers
8The need for new capacity creation has already begun, and new FIDs will be needed to meet demand growth after 2020.
8This new analysis is based on a huge amount of data and will be of great interest to the Indian policy maker and to gas importers and buyers.
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