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Business opportunity-II: Construction of Condensate Treatment Facility and Tank Farm.
Feb 21: The operator is also is planning for construction of a new Condensate Treatment Facility and a Tank farm near the drilling site
8The cost of the project is around Rs.36 crore.
8According to the officials “The RFQs has been lined up for the project, which will be released by next month.” 
8Following equipments will be used for condensate treatment facility:
--High pressure separator
--Gas compressor
--Control valve
--Low pressure separator
--Booster compressor
--Heat exchanger
--Liquid column
8The RFQs for the tank farm and related equipments will be released by April 2017.
8Following equipments will be used for Tank farm:
--Crossover Ramp
--Flock Tank
--Polymer Tank Farm
--Pressure Washer
--Wash Down Pumps 
--Godwin Pump
--Dri-Prime Pumps


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