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Shale gas in the US: A predictive model
Feb 20: The increasing demand of energy has turned the shale gas and shale oil into one of the most promising sources of energy in the United States.
8In this article, a model is proposed to address the long-term planning problem of the shale gas supply chain under uncertain conditions.
8A two-stage stochastic programming model is proposed to describe and optimize the shale gas supply chain network.
8Inherent uncertainty in final products’ prices, such as natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL), is treated through the utilization of a scenario-based method.
8A binomial option pricing model is utilized to approximate the stochastic process through the generation of scenario trees.
8The aim of the proposed model is to generate an appropriate and realistic supply chain network configuration as well as scheduling of different operations throughout the planning horizon of a shale gas development project.
8The paper makes for interesting reading for an industry watcher
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