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Tariff increase for GSPL's High Pressure Gujarat Gas Grid: Customers are anxious
Feb 15: There are a spate of petitions seeking restraint on the determination of tariff for the High Pressure Gujarat Gas Grid belonging to Gujarat State Petronet Ltd (GSPL)
8Customers are anxious about a large increase in tariffs that GSPL may get away with.
8Some of petitions have even questioned the PNGRB's authority to fix tariffs
8Others have said that all relevant documentation for taking a decision to raise tariff rates has not been uploaded by the PNGRB for consultation
8There is also a plea to avoid a "tariff shock" to customers.
8The argument is for imposing a tariff hike on a prospective rather than on retrospective basis
8Some others have advanced technical arguments against a steep tariff hike while some have argued against any hike at all
8There is also a clarification from GSPL on the validity of its documentation seeking a tariff hike
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