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Gas demand in India-I: Policy makers need to do more
Feb 13: Despite gas growing in absolute terms, the contribution of natural gas has dipped from a high of 12 percent five years ago to only 6.5 percent at present, and in contrast to the global average
 of 23.8 percent.
8From a sectoral standpoint, gas is seen as an extension of oil and clubbed with it in fiscal policies.
8The unfortunate consequence of this has been exclusion from the GST regime in India since in India’s federal structure the states have been opposed to the inclusion of oil from which they derive very substantial tax revenues.
8This argument goes on to claim that a key to net reduction in India’s hydrocarbon import dependency is actually through much higher contributions of natural gas which would support growing a base of more diversified solutions.
8Apart from being substantially cleaner than coal and commercially available liquid fuels, natural gas is also more versatile as a resource.
8However, the merits of natural gas have not been adequately recognized to date, the argument goes on to elaborate
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