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Tenders to come up for Gas Processing Terminal and Drilling Rig
Feb 13: The  tenders for a gas processing terminal and a drilling rig are expected to come up in March-April, 2017.
8The tenders for following services and equipments are expected:
--Mud tank
--Shale shakers
--Suction line (mud pump)
--Mud pump
--Motor or power source
--Vibrating hose
--Kelly hose
--Traveling block
--Drill line
--Crown block
--Racking Board 
--Stand (of drill pipe)
--Setback (floor)
--Kelly drive
--Rotary table
--Drill floor
--Bell nipple
--Blowout preventer 
--Drill string
--Drill bit
--Casing head or Wellhead
--Flow line
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