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Power dilemma-III: Rooftop solar is cheaper than grid prices
Feb 10: Rooftop solar units installed on industrial and corporate establishments by third parties are offering power 30-40% cheaper than the rates offered by the state’s power distribution companies.
8This gap is expected to widen further as thermal power companies would need to increase tariffs to accommodate inflationary measures and solar modules prices fall further.
8The model - popularly called Opex model, includes a rooftop solar company setting up solar units on rooftops of industrial and commercial complex. They would run the plant and sell the power to the company at a rate which is cheaper than tariffs at which the discoms sell power.
8Upfront investment for setting up solar units on rooftop are being undertaken by solar companies who are selling the power generated at a price which used to be 20% cheaper last year. This gap has now increased to as much as 40% for certain states.
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