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Business Opportunity I: RFQs coming up for the requirements of gas compression station
Feb 10: An operator is planning the construction of new Gas Compression Station (GGS) and the associated pipelines.
8The total cost for the construction of New Gas Compression Station (GCS) is around Rs.120 crore.
8The infrastructure and the roads facilities for Gas Compression Station (GGS) and pipelines will be laid down soon.
8Following RFQs are expected to be released by May, 2017:
-- Compressor
-- Manifold
-- Flare Header
-- Piping system
-- Generators
-- Condensate
-- Scrubber
-- Condensate
-- Transfer pump
-- Flare stack system
And, the RFQs for the Effluent handling system is expected to float by April-2017.


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