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The world in 2050: India to be the second largest economy
Feb 08: China will continue to be the largest economy in the world in 2050 and India the second largest in Purchasing Power Parity terms, according to a study by an international consultant.
8The US will be relegated to the third position.
8A number of other emerging markets will also take centre stage – Mexico could be larger than the UK and Germany by 2050 in PPP terms and six of the seven largest economies in the world could be emerging markets by that time.
8Meanwhile, the EU27 share of world GDP could be down to less than 10% by 2050, smaller than India.
8Vietnam, India and Bangladesh will be three of the world’s fastest growing economies till 2050.
8These findings have implications for businesses worldwide. Today’s advanced economies will continue to have higher average incomes, but emerging economies should make good progress towards closing this gap by 2050. This will open up great opportunities for businesses prepared to make long-term investments in these markets.
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