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Rs 10,000 crore Surat-Paradip pipeline: Factors that derailed the project
Feb 07: The website carries here the full status of progress of the GAIL's Rs 10,000 crore Surat-Paradip gas pipeline.
8EOIs were released for booking of capacity and detailed route surveys were done
8But the project has been kept on hold on account of lack of anchor load customers and inadequate capacity booking.
8The consideration of coal gasification route to produce urea in Talcher instead of gas has also come in the way
8Delay in the development of the ONGC-Mahanadi gas field and the Mallavaram-Bhilwara pipeline means that there is no domestic source of gas for the pipeline
8Non availability of LNG regasification terminals in the east coast and GAIL's inability to book capacity in the Shell Hazira LNG terminals are the other road blocks for the pipeline
8Meanwhile, GAIL has been advised to implement the Angul-Dhamra/Paradip stretch as part of the Jagdishpur-Haldia pipeline, for which the gas major has submitted a proposal to the PNGRB for revising the completion schedule to January, 2020
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