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Business opportunity-III: Expansion of Gas Processing Plant
Feb 06: The operator is also planning to expand the capacity of an existing onshore gas processing plant.
8The major facilities envisaged at the onshore terminal for which RFQs are to be released soon are. 
--High-pressure Pig Receiver & Launcher

--Multi pipe Slug Catcher

--Gas System (which includes Gas Compression, Gas Dehydration, DPD and Metering)

--MEG regeneration, Refrigeration system and Produced Water handling facilities

--Utility Systems such as Cooling Water, Fuel Gas, Plant and Instrument Air System,

--Circulating hot oil system, Diesel engine and Gas turbine generator

--Flare & Closed Drain System

--Open Drain System (Oily water sewer, Storm water sewer and Contaminated rain water sewer)

--Chemical Injection System
--Fire Water system

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