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Rs 200 crore drilling programme: RFQs coming up
Jan 31: RFQs for various equipments for a Rs 200 crore drilling programme are coming up
-- The RFQs for Rigs will float by Mar, 2017.
-- The RFQs for Drillpipes will float by Feb, 2017.
-- The RFQs for Drilling Equipments and Consumables will float by Mar, 2017.
-- The RFQs for Bulbs and Spacers will float subsequently.
-- The RFQs for the Infrastructure Development of wells will float by the Mid Of Mar, 2017.
-- The RFQ for Generators is expected to float by 2nd week of Feb 2017.
-- The RFQs for High Pressure Inlet Gas Manifold connecting wells to the Gas gathering station will float by March,2017.
8Recently an RFQ has been floated for the lightening equipments which will be used near the wells.
8Few tenders are also being lined up for pre-drilling activities which will be released soon.

8Currently the tenders for construction of chemical shed, Post Rig building works, HDPE lining, Deep tube well etc. has been released. Another tender is coming up next week.
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