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Implications for Indian industry: Fertilizer prices to stay flat over next 15 years
Jan 31: In what is going to be of interest to the fertilizer sector in India, projections made by a well known bank shows the price of urea staying mostly flat and rising only mildly over the next 15-year period
8The benchmark East Europe bulk price of urea is expected to stay below the $ 250 per tonne mark all along
8On the other hand, the price of rock phosphate is expected to fall to around $ 104/tonne by the year 2030
8DAP prices too will remain range bound over this period, at $ 350-$ 370 per tonne
8Potassium chloride and TSP prices will also witness narrow price movements.
8Domestic fertilizer manufacturers may find these projections useful for their internal NPV calculations for capital expansions
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