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BP's new projections show emissions won't go down in 20 years-IV: India's coal demand will continue to rise
Jan 30: Growth in global coal demand slows sharply relative to the past (0.2% p.a. versus 2.7% p.a. over the past 20 years); global coal consumption peaks in the mid-2020s.
8Much of this slowdown is driven by China as its economy adjusts to a more sustainable pattern of growth and government policies prompt a shift away from coal towards cleaner, lower-carbon fuels. China’s coal consumption is projected to broadly plateau over the next 20 years, in sharp contrast to the rapid, industrialization-fuelled  growth of much of the past 20 years.
8Even so, China remains the world’s largest market for coal, accounting for nearly half of global coal consumption in 2035.
8India is the largest growth market, with its share of world coal demand doubling from around 10% in 2015 to 20% in 2035. Over two-thirds of India’s increased demand for coal is projected to feed into the power sector.
8Coal consumption in the OECD falls by over 40% as the share of coal within the power sector is crowded out by renewables and natural gas.
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