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Rs.5,000 Outer Harbour project : Contract for contractor to determine commercial viability in June,2017.
Jan 27: The development of an Outer Harbour has been proposed by a Port Trust.
8The cost of the project is around Rs 5,000 Crore involving construction of breakwater and reclamation of land.
8EIA is expected to be submitted in May, 2017.
8The Port facilities involve:
-14 container berths
-2 LNG Berths
-1 POL Berth
8Non-Port Facilities include:
-Oil Trading Hub
-Offshore rig fabrication facility
-Export oriented refinery unit
8After that it is expected that the project will take around 6 months for state approval and another 6 months for central approval.
8So Environment Clearance is expected to be granted in Q-2, 2018.
8The contract for requirement of consultant for commercial viability is expected to be floated in June 2017.
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