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Expansion in DHDS unit: EC expected by April 2017
Jan 24: An existing refinery is expanding its DHDS unit
8The RFQs are to be floated by March, 2017
The following are the equipment requirements:
8Heaters, strippers for naphtha, Strippers for kerosene, Strippers for gas oil heavy gas oil stripping, desalters, heaters, main fractionators, vacumn flashers, depropanizers,, debuutanizers, regenarators, reactors, fractionators, settlers condensors, reflux drums, air fin coolers, tubes, pumps, plates, heaters, nozzles, vessels, columns, cyclones, air blowers, wet gas compressors, relief valves, boilers electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, bellows, heat exchangers
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