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Business Opportunity I:  Drilling of 5 new wells in an existing fields
Jan 20: E&P major has planned for the drilling of 5 new wells in two different fields.
8TOR has already been granted.
8The proposed locations come under an existing field, so separate EC is not required for these sites.
8The estimate cost of drilling of 5 wells is around Rs.73.04 crore.
8The Expression of Interest for the project will be released around of March, 2017.
8The RFQ will float once the evaluation of the EOI is finalised.  
RFQs will be floated for the drilling equipments by the end of April 2017 and tenders will be released by June 2017 for:
8Blowout Preventers (BOP)
8Blowout Preventer Stacks
8Choke Manifolds
8Drill Bit- Steel Tooth Rotary Bits
8Insert Bits
8Polycrystalline Diamond Compact  
8Engine Generator Sets
8Fuel Tanks
8Pipe Racks
8Rotary Hose
8Rotary Table
8Top Drives
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