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Climate change: A $ 2.5 trillion opportunity for Indian industry
Jan 20: Climate change is an inevitability that Indian businesses will have to takeit into account
8The cost of meeting India's climate change actions between now and 2030 has been pegged at a massive 2.5 trillion USD (at 2014–15 prices). The ambitious renewable targets will require an investment of around 150 billion USD.
8The rest will have to be spent in other segments
8These changes will have a profound impact on Indian industry
8As governments take on stringent commitments and targets, pressure will mount directly or indirectly on the private sector to step up and take corresponding targets in line with national
 commitments and ambition.
8While this is a vast challenge for Indian industry, there are big opportunities too
8Find out how you can benefit from climate change investments over the next one and half decades
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