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E&P Opportunity III: RFQs for Rs 62 crore Early Production System up next
Jan 19: In addition to the above, operator is also involved in the construction of a Early Production System, costing Rs. 62 Crore.
8The project is being given out on on LSTK basis.
The RFQ’s for the following equipment are expected to floated by March, 2017.
8Production Separators
8Heat Exchanger
8Crude Export Air Cooler
8Pumps Skids
8Crude Metering Skids
8Flare Stack
8Vent Stack
8Degassing Units
8Slug Catchers
8Stripping Columns
8Knock Out Drums
8Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid
8Gas Boots
8Flow Back Package
8Heater Treater
8Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid
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