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Rs 9380 crore JHBDPL Phase-II pipeline: Rapid progress likely
Jan 17:  The website carries here GAIL India Ltd's full details of the second phae of the pipeline project from Jagdishpur Haldia Pipeline Project (JHPL) with the design capacity of 16 MMSCMD including 4 MMSCMD as common carrier.
8This pipeline will touch the districts of Jagdishpur, Haldia Bokaro and Dhamra  and it will cover the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa.
8Total projected cost is around Rs 9380 crore.
Following are the potential gas sources for this pipeline.
8Gas through Vijaipur –Auraiya –Phulpur Pipeline (VAPPL): RLNG from at Dahej and Dabhol & domestic gas
8RIL CBM gas from Shahdol at Phulpur
8RLNG from proposed RLNG terminal at Dhamra.
Following is the tentative gas demand enroute the pipeline
Bokaro -Sindri-Ranchi- Angul- Dhamra Section
8FCI Sindri - 2.2 MMSCMD
8Ranchi CGD - 0.19 MMSCMD
8Jamshedpur CGD - 0.39 MMSCMD
8Other customers , Sambalpur, Raurkela  -0.44 MMSCMD
8Other customers Paradip ( Essar, Paradip phosphate) - 0.53 MMSCMD
8Cuttack, CGD - 0.19 MMSCMD
8Bhubaneshwar, CGD - 0.19 MMSCMD
Sindri- Haldia Section
8CGD Kolkata 1.95
8Other customer Haldia ( HPL, Mitsubishi)-  0.44 MMSCMD
8IOCL Haldia  2 MMSCMD
8Matix Durgapur - 1.5 MMSCMD
Following are the schedule 
8Prefeasibility report is completed
8Term of references have accepted in January, 2017
8Sources said that project has to be completed as quickly as possible on account of active interest from the Prime Minister's Office
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