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Business Opportunity I: RFQ’s for rigs and associated equipment to come up by April, 2017
Jan 17: A 22-well drilling programme is coming up in an onland field
8The approved cost for the drilling of 1 well is around Rs.11 crore and the total cost of the project is around Rs.242 crore.
8The company is now looking for a contractor for infrastructural works.
The equipments which are to be used are listed below:
 -- Electrical Rig
 -- Shale Shakers
 -- Desander
 -- Desilter
 -- Mud pump
 -- Engine Generators sets
 -- Vibration Dampners
 -- Substructure
 -- Blow out Preventers
 -- Drill Bits
 -- Conductor Casing Pipe
 -- Drill Pipes
 -- Water Tanks
 -- Electrical Cables Tray and other electrical items
 -- Mud gas Separator
 -- Accumulators
8The RFQ’s for equipment requirements for drilling including the associated equipment are expected to be floated in April 2017.
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