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Disruptive technology and the Indian oil & gas sector-II: Private sector turns away from refinery investments
Jan 16: The article also says that the private sector has already stopped investments in the refinery sector
8In the last decade the private sector set up three out of four new refineries directly or in the joint sector (Bhatinda, RIL’s second unit at Jamnagar, Bina and Paradip), but it is no longer coming forward.
8However, the public sector has announced its intention of setting up a mega-refinery on the west coast.
8Of course, refineries produce a slew of products, and not merely transport fuels.
8India imports nearly half of its LPG requirement (and we need our refineries to augment supply), which will further increase due to demand coming from Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana. But, even as the configuration of refineries can be tweaked to produce the desired slate of products (LPG, kerosene, transport fuels etc.), the same will have to be consciously determined.
8We also have the option of importing products rather than crude oil for the new refineries (we already import 80% of our refinery crude), the article claims
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