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Disruptive technology and the Indian oil & gas sector-IV: Electric vehicles can change the game entirely
Jan 16: Clearly, the The power and petroleum sector PSUs need to factor-in the rapid advances being made in clean energy in other parts of the world, also on the merit of better financials.
8In India, at the moment, the financials may not be entirely in their favour, but there will be alignment with global markets in due course.
8Many provinces of Germany are already integrating more than 50% renewable electricity in the grid, also supported by ‘flexible’ coal-based power. Small automobile markets like Netherlands and Norway  are among the world’s 4 largest EV markets (China is the leader).
8India also aims to give a boost to it. The planned financial returns can only be realized if the assets can be productively operated for their entire productive life and earely retirements of refinery sector assets can upset plans. In a rapidly evolving technological and commercial scenario, energy sector ‘lock-ins’ demand a careful consideration, the article goes on to state.
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