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100 events last month which influenced the LNG market-II: US provides more permissions
Jan 10: Among the other major developments are:
8The Department of Energy (DOE) (of the United States) authorized Southern LNG to export over 20 years up to 130 bcf (1 million tonnes) per year from its plant at Elba Island, Georgia to nations without a Free Trade Agreement (non-FTA nations) with the United States.
8The Department of Energy (DOE) granted the proposed 8 million tonnes per year Magnolia LNG liquefaction plant in Louisiana an export licence to countries without a free-trade agreement (non-FTA) with the United States.
8Sempra filed applications with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for authorization to construct and operate the Port Arthur LNG facility. The project plans to start production in 2023.
8CME and ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) plan derivatives designed to ease the trading of LNG.
8Toshiba claimed that it has secured LNG sale commitments for more than half of its liquefaction tolling capacity of 2.20 million tonnes per year at the Freeport LNG project, in its second quarter result presentation made in November 2016.
8The LNG Canada consortium called for bids to find a new lead construction contractor while the project is under an indefinite delay.
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