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ONGC's acquisition of GSPC's stake in KG-OSN-2001/3: GSPC was in no position to handle block
Jan 06: Clearly, GSPC was in no position to handle the block and it was not in a position anymore to handle the complicated geology of the field. Even when the going was good, the company did not have the competence. More so now, with gas prices plunging and the geology turning more intransigent to conventional hydro fracturing procedures. 
8The equipment deployed was proving to be insufficient to handle bottomhole fluid temperatures, which were as high as 460 degree Fahrenheit.  
8What made it more difficult was that the field contained many faults and GSPC did not have the wherewithal anymore to drill multiple horizontal wells to sustain production.
8Then again, permeability and porosity is low, and due to this reason, the recovery factor is difficult to pull up even after hydro fracturing techniques are utilized
8The sulphur in the natural gas is more than the normal level, so production and processing facilities will have to withstand high sulphur content in natural gas 
8It will take ONGC a long time and strenuous effort to ramp up production from the field, including  a brand new FDP.
8GSPC's FDP projected a slow ramp up, from 0.8 mmscmd, going up to 1.6 mmscmd, then on to 3.5 msmcmd and finally to 5 mmscmd in the third year but this slow push upwards will not be enough for ONGC.
8Production was meant to have started in December, 2013 but began much later in 2015. All deadlines are currently running well behind schedule.
8In its latest report, the PPAC claimed that production was down in the block on account of of well completions.
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