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Rs 12,000 crore port development plan-II: RFQs in Q-2, 2017
Jan 05: The RFQ’s for following equipment and services are expected to be floated from Q-3,2017:
8LNG Storage Tanks, Equipment for Boil-off gas handling, Send-out and metering facilities for the vaporized LNG, Navigational facilities, Conveyors, Pipe bending Machine, Horizontal drilling and boring machine,
8Vertical boring machine, Fire fighting facilities, Goliath cranes, LNG Unloading arms, Unloading line, LNG Tanks, Vapour handling facilities, Boil-off Gas compressor, Recondenser, Intank pumps, LNG Vaporizers
8High pressure send out pump, Trestles, LNG Carriers
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