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Trump as President: Who will benefit?
Jan 04: There is limited detail on Donald Trump’s energy policies.
8However, it is clear energy will play an important role in helping shape Trump’s central vision to “make America great again.”
8From an international oil and gas perspective there are some broad ramifications we can perhaps highlight. The US oil and gas sector will likely benefit from a pro-oil Trump administration and as a result US oil and gas output may likely increase. Trump’s hostility to the lifting of sanctions on Iran may see more punitive sanctions re-imposed.
8If so this would weaken the case for foreign investment in Iran and adversely impact Iranian aspirations to grow oil production further. Conversely, Trump’s apparently warmer relations with President Putin may see a weakening of sanctions and increased foreign investment.
8All these scenarios will have implications for global oil supply in addition to the main driver which remains supply and demand fundamentals.
8What is certain is that prices will continue to be extremely volatile as industry fundamentals seek an equilibrium. Oil prices are likely to recover but slowly. Analyst forecasts suggest prices may reach US$60/bbl+ by 2018.
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