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FSRU and FSU units coming up-I: RFQs by Q-1, 2017
Jan 03: The environmental clearance for a Floatig Storage Refasification Unit and a Floating Storage Unit is expected in Q-1, 2017
8Cost of the project is around 2750 crore
8Projected commissioning is in the first half of 2020
The following requirements are to be floated by Q-1, 2017
8A trestle jetty (the LNG jetty)
8Mooring dolphins and breasting dolphins for the FSU/FSRU and for LNG carriers
8The FSU/ FSRU –permanently moored to the jetty;
8Onshore LNG Storage Tanks
8Regasification unit
8LNG carriers supplying LNG to the FSU/ FSRU
8LNG transfer systems to and from LNGCs and LNG storage tanks;
8Ship-to-ship transfer of LNG
8Gas Metering Station
8Export gas pipeline – running from the FSU/FSRU/Onshore storage to the Gas Metering Station and then to GAIL tie in pipeline
8Road Truck loading stations
8Access roads;
8In-tank LNG pumps;
8Cryogenic compressors; cryogenic blowers;
8Boil-off gas (BOG) compressors;
8Fuel gas system which includes LNG pumps and vaporizers;
8Nitrogen re-liquefaction system for LNG BOG;
8Seawater pipes and pumps cooling water pumps;
8Fire suppression system; gas turbine power plant;
8Various plant support auxiliary systems, including wastewater handling system; and various safety systems, including fire, gas and low temperature detection sensors.
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