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LNG price witnessed the sharpest spike ever in December first half-I: What caused it?
Jan 02: While the year 2016 in the LNG industry was expected to be one featured by ample supply and rather weak demand, it turned out to be more turbulent than observers previously anticipated.
8While in the year as a whole prices stayed low in both LNG sales contracts and spot purchases, the first half of December witnessed one of the steepest rises of spot LNG prices in the history (USD 2 / million Btu in two weeks)
8The causes include an unplanned outage of a big liquefaction unit in Australia.
8While investment activities for new LNG projects are not necessarily vibrant during the year, commissioning and construction activities are continuing, including four major liquefaction units in Australia. The Sabine Pass project started LNG exports, marking the first exports of commercial LNG from the lower 48 of the United States in the 50 year history of the global LNG industry.
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