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It has been a good year for us, expect more in 2017
Dec 30: We want to convey  season's greetings to all of you and wish you a happy new year
8This has been a good year for us. We consolidated our enterprise, perfected our project and pricing software and launched over 200 products across the entire energy chain. This is indeed very encouraging, even as all the benefits of our new launches are yet to be wholly reaped. 
8Today we provide a mix of highly analytical macro-level information that is relevant to policy makers and highly focused, forward looking business intelligence which is aimed at the equipment and service suppliers in the petroleum sector. 
2017 will see a consolidation of our project database
8As we move ahead, we will consolidate our project data, so much so that we have a forward looking RFQ update -- along with key contact information -- on every possible business opportunity in the petroleum sector, worth more than Rs one crore. For our subscriber, a deal will just be a phone call away. 
8We employ and train mechanical engineers on the dynamics of petroleum projects in India and how they unfold in the upstream, midstream and downstream segments. We emphasize on building and cultivating contacts, not just with the owners but with EPCM and EPC contractors and sub contractors. We choose our contacts from a database of 25,000 people in our mailing list, who receive our mailers five days a week. There is an element of trust between our contacts and us, and that is the vital key which helps us elicit information before anyone else does.
8We track a project over multiple parameters, from pre-planning to equipment and technology selection, site selection, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, capital approval, basic engineering, contracting, detailed engineering, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities. At every stop, we look for a business opportunity, for a future RFQ date for an equipment or a service as well as key contacts handling such an opportunity.  We don't give up when a project is completed, we follow it through planned and unplanned maintenance programmes, alerting you every time there is a shutdown. For we know that a shutdown provides a business opportunity as well.
8We don't only provide  project information, we also give you multi-parameter matrices of the industrial unit that is being built and the overall industrial facility in which the unit is placed. In an industrial facility, like a refinery, we put together key contacts in up to 10 disciplines and for every unit, be it a CDU or SRU, we give you a few contacts as well. 
We will push our petroleum pricing database
82017 will also see a consolidation of our domestic petroleum pricing database. We have already put together a comprehensive international database for industrial fuels, but going ahead, we will build a strong database for domestic industrial fuels, from gas to naphtha to bitumen. We will provide company-wise, product-wise, city-wise daily price curves for these products.
8We will also provide Kcal-wise comparison of prices of competing industrial fuels on a daily basis as this will help our readers to decide which fuel is more competitive in the face of increasing price volatility across different products. We already have the software in place and we are now in the process of hiring a team to complete this exercise.
We will populate our general database in 2017
8In 2017 we resolve to consolidate thousands of bits of petroleum data into an easy-to-use database. Instead of going through complicated search procedures to find a valuable piece of data, we will make it easy for you to look for your information through a proactive tree diagram. All you have to do is to open up the right branch and click on it for your data
Among the other already launched products that we hope to consolidate as we go into 2017 are:
8Project News, Daily News Service, Customized News Service; Monthly E&P, Gas, Midstream, Downstream, Regulatory Deviations and Custom Made Reports; Full Spectrum E&P Consultancy; Geological, Wells, Rigs, Seismic Survey Databases; ProjectsTrackers on E&P, Oil & Gas Processing, Terminals & Pipelines, Refineries and Chemicals and Petrochemicals; Forecasts on Investment, Demand, Equipment & Services Requirements; Analyst Support; Trade Database; Contact Database; Archives etc.
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