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Dec 29: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply of Mobile Spill Oil Recovery unit Details
8Supply of Casings for Rajasthan Project Details
8Restoration works at drilling location NELP Block (AA-ONN-2002/03), Assam Details
8Restoration works at drilling location in NELP Block (MZ-ONN-2004/01), Assam Details
8Design, Testing and Supply of Detonation Flame Arrestor for VOC Recovery System, Guwahati Refinery Details
8Supply of Gas Inlet Chamber Diffuser, Panipat Refinery Details
8Supply of De-Oiling Polyelectrolyte, Guwahati Refinery Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:  

8Putin launches natural gas pipeline supply to Crimea Details
8Mexico to raise gas price by 20 per cent Details
8Trident Energy looks to invest in Southeast Asia oil and gas assets Details 
8Japanese power companies use 14.2 per cent less LNG in September month-on-month Details
8Asia's November imports of Iranian oil more than double from year ago Details
8Oil holds near annual peaks, awaiting OPEC cuts, supply data Details
8Crisis-Ridden Brazil lures Iran and India on oil deal Details
8Pumped-up Mukesh Ambani ready to pounce on his corporate rivals Details 
8BP buys Woolworths fuel business in Australia for $1.3 billion Details
8Has OPEC deal called off the oil party? Details
8RIL commissions 1st phase of paraxylene plant at Jamnagar Details
8Cashless transactions at IOC pumps doubled: Chairman B Ashok Details

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