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POL consumption goes up in November-I: Demonetization impacts demand favourably!
Dec 27: Clearly, demonetization has had a positive impact on the consumption of petroleum products in November.
8India’s fuel demand surged by 12.1% in November this year aided by a sharp rise in petrol and diesel consumption.
8Except for SKO and Lubes & greases, which recorded a negative growth of 31.8% and 2.9% respectively during the current month, all other products recorded positive growth.
8MS consumption was up 14.2% while HSD sales went up 10.5%, way above the average of 4.1% between April-November, 2016
8Bitumen consumption registered a rise of 23.4% while LPG was up 11.5% for the month
8Naphtha sales were up 6.9% whereas ATF growth was 8.2%.
8FO/LSHS sales were up 12.6% while Petcoke was up 35.7%.
8LDO consumption went up by a massive 50% in the month on account of boiler restarts by power plants and its extensive use by all types of industrial furnaces
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