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November Performance-IV: Private-JV gas output down 20% on shutdown of KG D-6 well
Dec 23: Natural gas production by Pvt. /JVs during November, 2016 was 558.04 mmscmd which is 20.51% lower than the monthly target and 18.39% less when compared with November, 2015.
8Cumulative natural gas production during April-November, 2016 was 4689.98 mmscmd which is 13.55% lower than the cumulative target and 17.04% lower than the production during the corresponding period of last year.
Reasons for shortfall in production are as under:
8Closure of 1 well in MA and 1 well in D1D3 field in KG-DWN-98/3.
8Panna-Mukta: PC platform shutdown due to riser integrity issue.
8RJ-ON-90/1: Planned shutdown at Mangala Processing Terminal.
8Increase in Water cut in few wells in RJ-ON/6.
8Production from M&S TAPTI stopped in March, 2016.
8Natural Decline in Ravva.
8Underperformance of wells in KG- OSN-2001/3.
8Sohagpur West: Production not increased upto the target envisaged.
8Raniganj East CBM block: Extended dewatering hampering production.
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